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Welcome To Printflix Print Plus

Printflix Video in Print , Audio in Print and Print marketing products  are the most engaging, most personal products for marketing your company. Let's face it, in today's short attention world,  you need to differentiate your brand with products that capture and hold interest long enough to get your message across. Print plus products deliver greater results and we have the data to prove it.  Print is tactile, a substantial product that offers the highest resolution and longest shelf life because it's a physical creation that you can hold in your hands.  Creative print design and quality finishing register a unique and lasting impression.


Even in the digital age, print continues to offer the most effective way to communicate your brand's message. Print commands attention, it's physical and tactile and far more substantial when compared to web advertising, e-mails and social media. Print bestows a sense of goodwill, importance and trust.  And when you market to specific decision makers or target opinion leaders, print is the most effective way to isolate key members of your audience  and drive their attention exclusively to you and your company.   

So now that you've captured their attention, how do you hold that attention? That's where Print Plus comes in. Print Plus delivers a payload of video and sound that expands and electrifies  your print message. Print Plus delivers a lasting impression; a solid foundation for either establishing or extending a relationship. Better yet, print plus is so novel and so compelling, end-users really get your message and want to know more. 



OUR MISSION is to create print products that are relevant to today's short attention, media savvy generation by adding sound and video to print. Dynamic videos embedded within brochures, cards, books and boxes play instantly when opened and create a powerful and unique way to engage customers , capture prospects,  generate funding for start-ups and non-profit organizations and can be personalized with Selfie videos and sound clips for even higher impact.  Our mission is to produce our video in print and audio in print products right here in the USA with American technology and workers to deliver finished goods in days, not weeks at the highest value to our customers.

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