Print Plus products from PRINTFLIX are turbo-charged with sound and video content and and that means deeper and longer engagement with your marketing materials.


Print has unique qualities unmatched by all other marketing and communication platforms. Customers and strategically important prospects appreciate the time and creativity that goes into the construction of a well designed brochure, flyer, or even a business card. Print is physical and tactile, forged with precision and executed with an attention to detail. Consequently,  print is  more credible distinguishing itself from unsolicited e-mails and other electronic impositions. In a world of fake news, Print creates a genuine first impression cementing perceptions about your brand and it's core values. But now print can go deeper without placing an unrealistic time and attention burden on the decision makers you need to attract and grow your business.  


Film, television and radio producers have long understood the power of sound and video. They apply the tools of their trade including music, special effects and theatrical storytelling to  transform us emotionally. Today, marketing professionals better understand and appreciate the impact of rich media. They know when you more fully engage the eyes and ears of customers, the benefits include longer attention, better comprehension and greater recall. 

Print Plus make it easy to add sound or sound and video to any Print Plus marketing product. There's no learning curve necessary. Design your Print Plus project they same way you would design any other print product. Adding media is fast and simple and if you need production assistance, we can help you here as well.   Print Plus pushes the boundaries of what print can do resulting in higher engagement, longer shelf life and absolutely crazy response rates.