What Do You Mean by "Print Plus" from Printflix?

Print Plus is a new way to create and deploy print collateral. While Printflix offers a full range of competitively priced print products, added value is delivered when customers upgrade to PRINT PLUS. Print Plus provides an added dimension in the form of a thin, lightweight audio or video media player.

Marketing firms have known for years that a great soundtrack provides an “emotional layer” and reinforces message awareness. Walk into any store, hotel or restaurant and listen to the carefully cultivated background music or vocal narrative coming from the speakers. 

Mass mail, direct marketing campaigns have been deployed less frequently over the past few years because they are more expensive to design, print, finish and distribute compared to electronic communications. They also take longer to deploy and deliver to customers. Often, sales and marketing information within print collateral becomes outdated even before distribution of flyers, card and brochures take place but firms spending big money on design, print and mail services have no choice but to move forward.  But there's another problem with print, most people today (especially younger people) are getting their news and communications electronically. They are receiving a steady diet of videos, sound clips, images and interactive media. More and more, the text within these messages is kept to a minimum. People today don't want to read about your products and services, they want to "experience" them.  

But print has unique qualities that provide advantages over other marketing platforms when deployed strategically. One such quality is its ability to target specific audience segments and individuals with precision. Print's ability to  distinguish one company from another while conveying trust is proven to be more effective when compared to e-mails and tweets.  It works on a different level because it's physical and takes a little more time and money to create. Print's underlying message is, "I'm sending this brochure to you because you're worth  the investment". 

Print Plus leverages the best attributes of print with rich media creating a hybrid of trust, respect, authenticity, novelty, innovation, energy and more. 

What types of Print Plus products do you offer?

The entry level for Print Plus begins with Audio-in-Print . Audio-in-Print provides sound delivery to our print products. Audio-in-Print materials are enhanced with low cost sound modules, ideal for passing on a personal voice message, music or motivational speech within the pages of a print product. Audio is a subtle yet powerful way to clarify company strategy and reinforce brand awareness. Typically, customers pair sound clips with photos of the same subject matter for added depth, clarity and emotion. Marketing firms have known for years that a great soundtrack provides an "emotional layer" and reinforces brand awareness. Walk into any store, hotel or restaurant and listen to the carefully cultivated background music or vocal narrative coming from the speakers. The audio works both directly and subconsciously  to convey information and reinforce perceptions.

A step up from Audio-in-Print are video enhanced products. Video-in-Print adds both sound and video to print. Video is huge today and now the starting point for many marketing programs. Using "hollywood style" conventions and best practices, mini movies passed along in print tell stories with drama resulting in high customer engagement and recall.

How do we get started using Print Plus products?

Choose your product type first like a brochure or booklet. You know what's best for each customer based on history and experience. For example, you may want to create a simple brochure that covers the key products and services your company offers. You can add media either at the beginning of a project or anytime in the future. Printflix will send you a template that depicts the areas where images, graphics and text are placed so you can begin designing. Our patent pending templates are unique and flexible allowing novices and designers to essentially create one design that can repurposed into three independent products. These include a standard print, Audio-in-Print or Video-in-Print product. Print Plus campaigns can also utilize a mix of these three products for more effective target marketing allowing you to invest more in real opportunities and loyal customers and less on lower percentage prospects.  Orders that employ all format types can save money on the per unit cost of each product if purchased separately. 

Are Print Plus Products Safe and Eco Friendly?

Audio and Video devices and even the print used in all of our products comply with all federal and local laws governing the usage of low power electronics and hazardous materials. This includes FCC laws pertaining to radio transmissions and EPA and local state laws concerning the environment.  We use eco-friendly papers in all of our products and offer a recycle program on the electronics used in all of our products.